Places To See When You Are In Djerba

If you are planning a vacation and something that you have long saved for, then you should take a look at the exotic and rather private places listed with travel agents. It helps you to make the most of your holidays and have fun as you soak in exclusive locales. Djerba features in such a list. It is amazing how this fantabulous location has maintained its privacy and yet invited interest from many people of different segments of society consistently. When you decide on Djerba as your holiday stop then you need to take a preview of the culture and the history of the place and check out eh many things you can do when you are there.

It is interesting to note that the locale flaunts a history that is quite similar to that of Tunisia. Djerba has always invited a great deal of interest from the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Italians and the Spanish. All this is not without the interests of the pirates who have looted the place from time to time and for good reason. Djerba is blessed with such interest and today is climbing up travel charts worldwide. Tourism is a thriving industry today and the main tourist attractions in Djerba include the exotic Houmt-Souk. This is the capital of Djerba or the 'island of palms'.

It is very picturesque. The term Souk refers to the many markets that the capital is famous for. One of the must do things when you visit Djerba is a stop over at the displays of carpets and exclusive local crafts here. In this place Djerba gives you ample of reason to scout around the narrow streets and quaint little alley ways as you take a look at souvenirs around. Another thing you must capture on camera when you are at Djerba is the 500 year old Mosque. The monument flaunts Arabic style of architecture and is set against a backdrop of the mesmerizing Djerba sea and palm trees.

Don't forget to lose yourself at the village called Guellala and check out the majestic camels here. To talk about the many places of interest that one can swoon over in Djerba the Ghriba Synagogue cannot be missed. This is one of the few surviving monuments of religious significance to the Jews in North Africa. The building flaunts an exquisite structure that comes to life with the Lag B'Omer each May. This is the time when the locals open up their warm hearts to the thousands of pilgrim Jews and festivities take over.

Besides the many monuments and market areas of Djerba you just can't miss the sun kissed beaches. Each one has something special to offer. They are all fringed by specially built resorts and hotels that give you something exclusive to enjoy. While the Djerba La Nomade has a Thalasso-therapy spa, the Djerba Palm Beach flaunts golden sands and snorkeling opportunities and the Melia Djerba Menzel gives you the chance to view the azure waters of the bay. Djerba is rated as one off the must see places before you die on a number of travel channels.